Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Go Devil Boat Ride

A couple of Uncle James and Byron's friends took us on a Go Devil Boat ride. Don't know what a Go Devil Boat is? Don't worry neither did we. But let me tell would not believe what these boats can go though. It was something I am really glad we had the opportunity to experience.
The guy that was driving our boat told us that we needed to make sure not to put our hands on the side of the boat. The boat is going to rock and feel like it is going to tip over but don't put your hands on the side of the boat. We were a little nervous...not real sure what we were getting into. And did I mention...there are alligators ALL thought this water!!! NICE!!!
I will try and explain through pictures.
Here is mom and dad before we got started.
Michael and Aaron getting ready for the ride.
And we are off...still have no idea what we are in for. LOL

This was the 1st turn we took. I thought...okay...not so bad.

Then I saw this. I said, "We are going thought this?"

NO WAY we are going through this!!!! Oh, YES we are!!!! And we did...with NO problems at all!!!! doesn't even look like we are in water...but we are.

Another mess this boat had no problems handling.

And yes, we went though this as well.
And I must tell you, the entire time we are on this Go Devil Boat ride, we are going over HUGE logs...we even went over a patch of dry land. We basically jumped land in a boat. Kinda like the movies...LOL...
All in all we had so much fun on these boats!!! Thank you so much for the experience!

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