Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1st Ranger Game

So, the other day, Aaron took Michael to his 1st Ranger game. Michael is SUPER into baseball and loves everything baseball. He is always wanting to watch the Rangers on TV, so he was super excited to get to go and watch the Rangers in person! They went to the game with their buddies Ryan and Zachary.
So, since this was Michael's 1st Ranger game, I sent Aaron with a camera and told him that he needed to take lots of pictures of Michael. Aaron is not a big picture taker but I thought since it was Michael's 1st time, Aaron would come through. Yea...not so much! I got a few pictures of Michael waiting for Daddy to come and pick him up and Aaron got 3 pictures at the game. Yes, that's right...3! And not only did he only get 3 pictures of him...they were all the SAME!!!! Oh well, I guess I will have to go next time and make sure to get pictures. LOL

Here is Micahel being all cute...waiting for Daddy to come and pick him up

And these are the 3 pictures Aaron took. LOL. At least you can tell he is having a good time and that he is at a baseball game.

Thanks Daddy, Ryan and Zachary for making Michael's 1st Ranger Game fun!

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  1. That cracks me up!!! You can see Zack's and Ryan's legs in them. I haven't sent a camera yet for that reason. :) At least he got a really cute pic of him. :)