Friday, October 29, 2010

Surfside Beach, Texas

So, Dad came into town in September and we all decided that a weekend getaway was necessary. Michael had been saying he wanted to go to the beach, so that is what we did.

We rented a house on the beach in Surfside Beach, Texas. Which is about 60 miles west of Galveston, TX. There is really absolutely nothing to do in Surfside and that was exactly what we were looking for.
Here is the house that we rented. Nothing special...but perfect since it was right on the beach.

The view from the front porch.

It rained off and on the whole time we were there. But, we were able to get some quality time out at the beach. We would get to play in the water for about 20-30 minutes at a time before the rain would start up again. Then we would head back into the house to take a bath to get all the sand off and warm up, wait for the rain to stop and then do it all over again. Thank goodness for the house being right on the beach, otherwise, we would not have been able to play on the beach as much as we did.
Michael and Audrey LOVED playing in the sand and water. All Michael wanted to do was play in the waves. Luckily, the waves were really big due to the weather (Hurricane Karl). So he had lots of waves to play in. Audrey liked being on the beach playing in the beach chairs. She liked the water too...but it was just a tad bit cool for her to stay in the water too long.

Headed to the beach.

We went to one of the souvenir shops while it was raining. We needed a break from just sitting in the house waiting for the rain to stop. We got Michael a raft to go out into the ocean and ride the waves. This was a big hit! He called it his "boat".
One of the days we went to a fish hatchery. We thought it would be something fun the kids could do. They had a touch tank and a couple of big fish tanks with sharks and stuff like that.
Michael would NOT touch anything in the tank.
Every morning, Mom & Dad let Aaron, Michael and I sleep in. Audrey is an early riser, so this was her chance to get her one on one time with Neena and PawPaw. She played and played, danced for them, and even helped PawPaw do the dishes. Although, i am not sure she was much help. But she had fun!

Neena took Michael out to feed the sea gulls one morning.

Daddy and Michael looking at the stars
Audrey found my wallet
Michael got to sleep on the top bunk. He thought this was SO cool!

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