Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michael's 4th Birthday Party

***WARNING*** Tons of pictures. I tried to not post a bunch...but I just couldn't decided on which pictures to not post. Sorry!!!!

Let me just start out by saying....I. Can't. Believe. My. Baby. Is. FOUR!!!!! Where has the time gone???

For Michael's 4th birthday party this year, we went to The Ballpark in Arlington. Michael LOVES him some baseball!!!! So, we thought it only fitting to have a baseball party at a Major League Ballpark! We had SOOOO much fun. And, you can tell that Michael had a BLAST! He is still talking about having his party there again next year!

We had pizza, cake and cookies and then opened presents in the party room. Then, the kids whet and hit in the wiffle ball park. And then we went on a tour of the ballpark! It was pretty cool. All in all, it was good times had by all!

Birthday Boy!

He was totally in his element!

The party room

Seriously, this kid had a smile on his face the WHOLE time!

Mommy, Michael and Daddy

PawPaw, Michael and Neena

Grandpa, Michael and Grandma

Michael and KyKy

Unc Grump, KyKy, Michael and Auntie M

Mommy, Audrey, Michael and Daddy

Sweet little Texas Ranger Cheerleader

Michael and BB

Look at these sweet boys!
Kelson, Michael and Zachary


Texas Rangers Birthday Cake.

Birthday Boy with his cake

Blowing out the candles

About to start opening his presents

Audrey wanted in on the action

Mommy, Daddy, Pawpaw, Neena, Grandma, Grandpa, Unc Grump and Auntie M all pitched in and got Michael this COOL Gator! Michael loves it!!!

Michael up to bat in the wiffle ball park

This sweet girl just walked around with a cookie and a balloon. That was all she needed.

Hugging Nolan Ryan's leg

Audrey with her cookie and balloon again

Getting lined up to start the tour

Up we go

This was in the City of Arlington Suite

Future Texas Ranger

Love this picture of my boys

We were in the Rangers dugout, but we were NOT allowed to get on the dirt. So, the boys settled with playing in it with their hands.

In the middle of the tour, Audrey and Neena had to stop to change Audrey's baby dolls diaper.

Michael taking Audrey for a ride on the Gator

This picture melts my heart!!!!

After a long, fun sweet Birthday Boy going to bed in his new Spider Man sheets!!!!
Love this kid!

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