Thursday, October 20, 2011


Back in May, Aaron and I went on our first cruise. We had always be hesitant on going on a cruise...but let me tell you....we are now cruise people. WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! Just being away together, with no cell phones and no was awesome! It was hard being away from the kiddos for so long with out being able to talk to them, be we survived. We did make a ship to shore call a couple of times just to make sure everything was still okay. Neena, BB, Grandma and Grandpa had it all under control! Thank you guys so much!!!!!

This was the first picture we took....walking onto the boat!

Aaron before we set sail

Me before we set sail

First drink!!! It was Awesome!

The Lido Deck

Before we set sail, we just walked around the entire boat about 5 times, just soaking it all in.

We were supposed to set sail at 4:00 pm, so we set up shop at the front of the boat. Of course, we didn't set sail until almost 6:30. And yes, we sat there for the WHOLE time. We wanted to be at the front when we set sail...not sure why...but we did. LOL.

Towel Swan

Sun Rise. I made Aaron get us SUPER early to watch the sun rise. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Eating breakfast while we sailed! It was so peaceful!!!

On the nights we didn't port, they had comedy shows. I wasn't sure how funny it would be....but it was HILARIOUS!!! We ended up going back the next time they have the show.

Aaron had to go up and try his hand at a little comedy! He tried....but not funny! (Just kidding, babe!)

Sun Set.

Towel Dino

About to get off the boat in Progresso

We did not schedule an excursion in Progresso! And I am so glad we didn't! We had the most fun here. They have restaurants that come out and serve us drinks and food all day long. It was like having our own personal server.

Just relaxing

Aaron's very FIRST massage.

Aaron became friends with our waiter. He was pretty cool!

Towel Seal


Paradise Isle

You can't see....but I am getting my massage on the beach on Paradise Isle.

Boarding the boat in Cozumel to head home

Bye Cozumel!!! So pretty!

Towel Elephant

Formal Dinner

There were about 1,000 different set ups to take pictures. I made Aaron go to EVERY SINGLE ONE to take a picture. LOL. I thought he would get pretty tired of it after the first 2 or 3...but we ended up having a good time with it. This was my favorite formal picture.

And that was about it. We had an amazing time and can't wait to go on another cruise!

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