Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Luau Baby Party

On July 18th, our friends threw us an awesome Luau Baby Party!!! We had such a good time.
The hosts and hostesses...Scott, Meredith, Greg, Laura,
Aaron, Tara, Ryan, Rachel, Johnnie and Angela

The Grandparents...PawPaw, Neena, Aaron,
Michael, Tara, Grandma and Grandpa

Jessica and Tara

Tara and Stephanie

Brenda wasn't able to make it, but she made this awesome diaper cake! So pretty!

All the gifts!

All the kids ended up watching movies in our room.
We ended up all outside play Left - Right - Center
Here is Aaron being goofy

Aaron just lost all his money!!!

Thank you everyone for the GREAT party!!!!

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