Monday, May 10, 2010

Potty Training

We have been in potty training mode for a while now with Michael. He has been doing great! He hasn't had any tee tee accidents in quite some time now and we have been working on the poo poo part of things. At home he is exclusively in “Big Boys” (this is what Michael calls his underwear).

So, I was picking up Michael from school one day and I was talking with his teacher about how his potty training was going at school. Michael was having issues not being able to tell the teacher in enough time that he had to go poo poo. Well, for about 2 weeks, Michael had no accidents….but he never went poo poo at school either. He would just wait until he got home or would go before school. Which was fine...I had no problems with that! But, we were waiting for him to feel comfortable enough to go at school. His school knew he was potty trained…but he had to go poo poo at school before he would be considered potty trained. So, we just waited and waited and let him figure it out on his own time. Well, last week, I went to go and pick him up. I walked in and he looked up and said, “I did it Mommy…I went poo poo at school!!!!” His teacher said they danced in the bathroom and now his officially considered potty trained at school!! And to top it all off…his teacher told me that his rate will now drop by $22!!! So proud of my little man! He is getting so big!
Great Job, Michael!

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