Thursday, April 29, 2010


We watch a lot of Imagination Movers at our house. Michael LOVES them! He knows the shows all by heart. His favorite character is Rich (the drummer). Before every song, Rich will beat his drum stick together and say, "1...2...3...4" and then they start the song.

Anyways, Michael got a BBQ grill for his 3rd birthday and he would play with it and cook us dinner and breakfast all the time. Well, he now has a new function for the BBQ grill. He likes to take it apart and use 2 of the green legs as drum sticks.

This is what the BBQ grill starts out as...

This is with the "drum sticks" missing...
And this is Michael beating them together and shouting, "1...2...3...4"
And then "playing" the drums on the floor.
It is so cute to watch.
So, one night he was playing his drums and watching Imagination Movers in our room. He looked up at the TV and said, "Look Rich, I play the drums just like you!"
So sweet!!!!

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