Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

For the first part of our Easter weekend, we went out to Granbury. Got got out there about 10:00 am and started getting ready for lunch. We ate lunch and while we were eating lunch the Easter Bunny came and hid a bunch of eggs! So, we went out to hunt all the eggs.

Michael, with his basket, hunting eggs
Baseball Egg

Audrey watching her Bubaa collect all the eggs
Auntie M and Audrey
Michael gave Audrey a basketball egg
All of Michael's eggs
After the Easter Egg Hunt, Daddy took Michael and Kylie on a golf cart trip. I think they went out to the park. But Michael LOVES LOVES LOVES riding on golf carts. So, this was awesome!

Michael and KyKy
We stayed in Granbury until about 3:00 pm, and then we headed out to The Farm (Canton). We got to the Farm about 5:30 and we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. Then Michael had to go out and see the cows...on the golf cart. I think everyone got a turn to take Michael out to see the cows this trip. The kids stayed up EXTRA late on Saturday. And Audrey had a rough night too. She was up ALL night. At about 11:00, Aaron had to take a trip into town to get her some tylenol. Finally, about 3:00 she fell asleep. It was a rough night.
The next morning we all got up and ate breakfast. BB made blueberry french toast. Thank you, BB! After breakfast, Michael had to go on a ride in the golf cart. So, PawPaw took him to open the front gate to the house. Then, we all got ready and went to church.
When we got back from church, everyone come over to BB's for lunch. During lunch, the Easter Bunny came again and hid a bunch of eggs. So, after lunch we went out to hunt eggs again.

Daddy and Audrey
Uncle G

Audrey couldn't handle all the excitment. She feel fast asleep on Neena.

Happy Easter!

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