Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volcano's #8

Aaron and I had been talking about getting Michael signed up for T-ball for awhile now. We thought the younger we got him started the better. So, I started looking around for a place for him to play. Well, we totally decided to sign him up too late. All the registrations were in January and late registration was in February. So we kinda dropped the ball on that one. But since the season just started, I thought if I could find somewhere that had an opening we would only miss one game. So, I decided I would email a few commissioners of different leagues and just see if there were any openings. Well, the guy from Colleyville emailed me back and said they did have a spot open. YEAH!!! He called me on Friday, and our 1st game was the next day on Saturday at 8:00 am. YIKES!!! So, that night we had to go and get all of his baseball stuff for the game and we would get his uniform the morning before the game. Here is Michael all dressed up before we left for the field. Ready to go!

When we first got to the field, he ran onto the field and started running the bases over and over again. When the coach got there we started practicing hitting off the tee. He had so much fun. He hit 4 times and got a homerun every time. LOL. Once he hit the ball and we got him to first base, he would just keep on running around the bases...he didn't want to stop. It was pretty cute. Like I said, we will have to work on the base running skills. In the field, he played 2nd base then he played 1st base.

Here he is once we got his uniform

Getting ready to hit. On thrid base

This is where Michael started getting a little bored! LOL

We had so much fun at Michael's 1st baseball game. And Micahel can't wait to play again and keeps telling EVERYONE that he is a Baseball Player.

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