Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My little man turns 3

For Michael's birthday this year, we decided to take him to Incredible Pizza for some pizza, go carts, and games. We had never been there before and it is a pretty cool place. Neena, PawPaw, Uncle G, Zachary, Ryan and Rachel came also to help celebrate Michael's birthday. The boys had so much fun. Here are a few pictures of our evening.
This one is actually in the morning before he went to school. What a sweet boy!
Michael before opening his presents.
Had to throw one in of my precious Audrey!
Blowing out the candles.
Waiting in line with Daddy for Go Carts

Michael is READY!!!! Making sure Zachary is ready

The Fans...PawPaw, Neena, Uncle G and Audrey
Playing Ski Ball

They couldn't get the ball all the way up the lane...so they took matters into their own hands.
Before we left, Uncle G got Michael a cool Spider balloon.

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