Friday, March 5, 2010

Aaron is 30...But Still HOT

So, for Aaron's 30th birthday, I threw him a party at the house. The theme of the party was Aaron is 30...but still HOT. All the food was spicy hot and the cake was a red chili. The cake turned out so cute and it was delicious! Thanks Meredith (Cakes by Auntie M)!!!! We had a really good time. Thank you everyone for coming and helping my hubby turn 30!!! He had a really good time!!!!

SO cute and yummy
Aaron cuttin the cake
Aaron taking the 1st bite of cake
Laura waiting for everyone to sit down to play Left Right CenterFinally!!!!
Aaron's parents with the birthday boy
Me with the birthday boyBirthday shot
Aaron opening his mom and dad's gift

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