Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swim Lessons

Well, Michael is at the age now that swim lesson have become necessary. He loves to go swimming and is not afraid of the water, so here we are. He goes to swim class everyday, Monday through Thursday from 5:00 to 5:30 for 2 weeks. We have done 2 classes so far (rain out on Monday) but he seems be be doing well. He HATES to put his face underwater. Ms. Ruhde ( has to "help" him put his head under water. We went home and got in the bath tub and practiced putting his face in the water. I think with time he will become more comfortable with it.
Floating on his back. This was the 1st day. He would not relax his body. He has already gotten a little better at this.
In this video, they are given a stick. Ms. Ruhde holds the stick under water and the kids have to put their faces in the water and get the stick. Michael didn't like doing this at all. This video is the last time that he did it. It was a major improvement from the 1st time.
In this video, they slide down the slide and Ms. Ruhde catches them. They then swim back to the steps. Again, Michael doesn't want to put his head in the water and Ms. Ruhde has to "help" him put his face in the water. But he does stick out his tounge as far as he can while he is kicking his feet. LOL

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