Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work Out

So, now that I am no longer pumping, Aaron and I have started to work out again. We decided to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. We were going to do the DVD once both kids went to bed. Which means, we would not be working out until almost 9:00 pm. And that is just TOO late. And we are not early risers, so morning workout are not an option. So, we decided to work out after we put Audrey down. Which means, we would be working out about 8:00ish.

We asked Michael if he wanted to work out with us, and he said yes. We didn't think he would last long...but he did the ENTIRE workout. From the warm-up all the way through the cool-down. He had so much fun. He kept telling us how to do the exercises. So, last night I had to tape him doing the work out with us! He tries so hard to get the exercises right. Oh, and we don't have fake dumb-bells, so we improvised and used Michael's toy hammers for his weights. And on the 2nd night of work-out, Michael did the ENTIRE work-out again. I told Aaron that Michael will have a six pack by the time he is 4. LOL

***Warning*** Tons of short videos!
Here we are warming up and we are rotating our knees in a circle.

Still warming up...doing jumping jacks

This is Michael's version of a push-up.

You are supposed to be doing a squat with an arm press. He does this one pretty good.

Here were are doing standing dumb-bell ("hammer") rows

I will be downloading more videos once my phone decides to send them to my email.

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  1. That is so funny! Nathan has done that video with me a few times and it cracks me up!