Friday, January 28, 2011


This year on Christmas Day, we were able to stay home all day long! That NEVER happens! It was so nice to have the kids get up, see what Santa brought them and not have to get ready to go somewhere. My mom and Mimi came over that morning to hang out with us. They came over about 9:00 and WOKE US UP!!! My kids slept until 9:00!!! We couldn't believe it! AND we had to wake them up! That also NEVER happens...LOL. So, we got the kids up and took them to the living room to see what Santa had left for them!!! They were both so excited and our house was a MESS that whole week!!! It was so fun though!!!!

Michael and Audrey's stockings
Michael checking out the loot
He was so excited about his Spider Man puzzle
Audrey checking out her loot
She loved her car. And this car has been the cause of a lot of sibling arguments!!!
After they got to play with all their new toys, we sat down for some breakfast. I made Monkey Bread! It was DELISH!!!!

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