Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year Michael was Spiderman and Audrey was a Little Witch. Michael was super excited to go Trick or Treating this year. The past few years, he would just go through the motions...but this year he really knew what was going on. So, he had a blast. Audrey would just follow her big brother around. She would go up to the door with Michael, get some candy and turn right around and want to eat it. We went Trick or Treating with our neighbors from across the street, so Michael had a little buddy to go up to the doors with. And, of course, Neena went Trick or Treating with us too. We had such a blast!!!!

Neena fixing Michael's Spiderman eyes.
Our Little Witch
Audrey would NOT wear her witch hat... Neena tried to convince her to wear it.
An attempt to get a picture with Neena and her grandbabies
Getting ready to go Trick or Treating

Michael having a blast already...and it is not even dark yet at this point.

This is the house that we drive by everyday on the way home. (I wish I would have gotten a better picture) Michael calls this the 'scary house'. Everyday, he would tell me that we are going to take a picture by the clown (see the white cloth to the right of our heads?...that is the clown)

Checking out the loot
Michael is picking out the exact candy he wants.

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