Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing in the Snow....Round One

The other week, we had some CRAZY weather here in DFW! It started getting bad on Tuesday and lasted through Friday! So, we were all couped up in the house for basically the entire week. It was so nice to get to be with the kids all week, but not being able to leave AT was frustrating! We were not able to go out side for the first few days, for a couple of reasons. One, it was SOOOOO cold and way too icy, and two, the kiddos had strep throat that they were trying to get over. I didn't think the bitterly cold air would help matters. BUT, we were finally able to venture outside on Friday. That was the day we got all the snow. We had so much fun. All Audrey wanted to do was eat the snow and Michael was all about the snow ball fights.

Getting ready to go outside. I am sure these kids felt like that kid off of A Christmas Story. They had like 3 layers of clothes on!

About to throw a snow ball at Daddy
It's snowing!
On a mission

Daddy about to make a snow angel

Michael making his snow angel

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